Tamahris: Facilitating Seamless Organizational Transformations

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Vincent van Lennep, Co-Founder and Managing Director and Geert Van Gucht, Co-Founder and Managing Director , TamahrisVincent van Lennep, Co-Founder and Managing Director and Geert Van Gucht, Co-Founder and Managing Director
In recent years, technology has brought significant changes in the way businesses operate, making it challenging for employees to adopt the latest HR tools, solutions, and platforms. However, employees’ attitude toward technological advancements is critical for their engagement and their ability and to manage their careers. This intensifies the need for the human resource (HR) or people processes in organizations to keep up with the buzzing digital transformation and ensure that changes implemented in an organization are accepted among the workforce. Tamahris, an HR consulting company, emerges as a game-changer in this regard. It does not merely offer business consulting or a technology implementation but also ensures a sustainable transformation for client organizations. The Tamahris team understands the fact that approaching transformation and enhancement of process, culture, and mentality without technological changes bears no fruit. Also, organizations often tend to lose sight of their core objectives when they focus on technology transformation without paying heed to process, user, and employee adoption. Thus, the team at Tamahris takes these elements into consideration while assisting its clients, and this is what differentiates the company from the rest. Also, since learning and development (L&D) is an increasingly important people process that demands serious attention from organizations, Tamahris greatly emphasizes on L&D, so as to bring more strategic changes that can drive business success.
Tamahris offers services to businesses to carry out seamless transformation without disrupting the workflow. The firm has categorized its services into three segments—IMAGINE, BUILD, and GROW. Tamahris, with IMAGINE, enables organizations to envision their future. IMAGINE helps companies to review their Talent Strategies inspired by technological opportunities. The professionals at Tamahris understand the pain points encountered by the HR teams and facilitate easy implementation of new solutions through its BUILD service. This element of Tamahris’s offering specializes in change and project management, accurate implementation of solutions, and consultancy.

“On top, Tamahris adopts a continuous “GROW” approach to help businesses drive success,” affirms Geert Van Gucht, the co-founder and managing partner of Tamahris. Geert is of the view that mere consulting and assisting organizations during the implementation of new technologies is never enough. Hence, the firm backs its customers even after the deployment of solutions, to ensure that the investment made by the customer on the transformations brings greater profits. The firm’s association with a public sector client stands as a testimony to its success as a unique HR consulting company. The Tamahris team played an integral role in reviewing the client’s strategies and assisted them in designing the people processes.

Tamahris also collaborated with a European company and replaced multiple L&D systems in their workplace with one. It provided the client with the relevant methodology and business cases that could guide them to work more efficiently in the learning and development space.

Tamahris aspires to continue delivering innovative services to its clients in the years ahead. Also, in terms of bolstering its geographical presence, the company envisions expanding in the southern and eastern part of Europe and becoming a trusted partner for European companies.
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Brussels, Belgium & Copenhagen, Denmark

Vincent van Lennep, Co-Founder and Managing Director and Geert Van Gucht, Co-Founder and Managing Director

Tamahris is a Human Resources consulting company, helping businesses to define and implement their HR strategy. Specialized in Integrated Talent Management and Project management, we deliver end-to-end services starting from business analysis to implementation and change management. The company is a human-scale company with extensive experience in supporting HR change & transformation projects for large multinational organizations. Their specific approach allows businesses to grasp the opportunities offered by actual HR technology, tailoring their approach to meet the unique needs and constraints of the clients. Tamahris was founded in 2013 in a short time, and the team has grown to 23 dedicated and passion-filled professionals with diverse backgrounds, covering 11 different languages